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Increased Dexterity Skillsets
Improve foot-eye coordination and footwork through these drills. 


Technical Football Skills
Every coaching session includes ball manipulation and fundamentals.

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion

Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine. We know that.

Correct Footwork Application
We'll help your player apply proper footwork to his complete game. 

Improved Decision Making Abilities
Brain teasers and strategy are a part of any game, including football.

Master Technique: Speed with the Ball

Raw pace and speed with the ball are two different things. Both pose a threat to the opposition's defence, but one is an unruly scatter gun, while the other is a weapon of swift, surgical precision.

Incorporating, dribbling, speed, decision making, finishing and even tackling, this exercise will improve your ability to carry and use the ball with controlled haste.

Training Content



Partner with coach RENARD ROBERTS and SIMEON JOHNSON get the ultimate coaching experience


With over 25 years of semi professional experience playing with Norton FC, Flamingos, Coach Roberts and Johnson applies their personal history to their 1-1 sessions. Each includes:

  • Fundamental training 
  • Position-specific strategy
  • Focus on teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Technical ball skills and manipulation
  • Personal mentoring based on athlete's stated goals

Through Coach Robert's guidance, more than three-dozen of our athletes have received semi-professional standards.

If you’re committed to becoming a top level football player, you’ll always look for ways to improve your game. And in a sense, your development as a football player will never really end. There will always be new techniques, strategies and moves to learn.

Why not come down to Norton FC where our experience coaching staff can take you to the next level of your development.

Goalkeeping Fridays

Work with former Brentford goalkeeper Troy Davis every Friday at 9pm on the fundamentals of goalkeeping.

Plyometric Saturdays

We take our training off the field, too. Our new plyometric sessions help build strength, endurance and mental toughness.

Midweek  Training - Fridays ( Sept - May )
Norton FC midweek training every Friday at 8.30pm - 9.30pm  Ferndale Community Sports Centre  Nursery Road, Brixton, SW9 8BP.

Nearest Tube- Brixton underground

Pre - Season  Training - Sundays ( June - Sept )
Norton FC pre-season training every Sunday at 10am - 12.30pm  Clapham Common South Side, London, United Kingdom.

Nearest Tube - Clapham South underground

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